Hypnotherapy | Remote or in person

Do you need to lose weight, stop smoking or overcome other phobia’s or bad habits? Does stress and anxiety derail your lifestyle? Maybe you need to get over the fear of public speaking or the fear of job interviews? Is your health working in your favor or against you? Hypnotherapy delivers powerful results that will last a life time by opening up and allowing the subconscious mind to learn a new way to preform. This modality can work in any and all areas of your life. Usually it only takes 3 -6 sessions for complete results, this is a fast track to traditional Western therapies that keep you coming back for years to overcome problems that can easily be worked through in a few short weeks. 
45-60 Minutes $120
3 Sessions $297 
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Shamanic Healing | Remote or in person

This session is designed to help you clear negative patterns and energy by using one or more spiritual healing methods of deep subconscious exploration, emotional balancing, chakra/energy cleansing, soul retrieval, past life regression and introduces a power animal to assist you with your work. It also includes a light activation and a document composed of specific “I AM” statements which will anchor the inner work to this physical dimension. This session will leave you feeling lighter and bring clarity to your consciousness. This infusion of light and lucidity will enable you to move forward in confidence. Three sessions are highly recommended and will produce the best results. 
New Clients/2 hr $225
Returning Clients 90 Min $185
3 Sessions $515 
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What Clients are saying

  • Being an Energy Healing Practitioner, my belief is that healing is an ongoing process at all times. I came across Holly Marie in an interview about her Shamanic healing process and experiences. I knew I had to contact her! I found Holly Marie to be a true healer in her work. She has spent years working with Shamanic healers and it shows. I felt my life change as she worked with me in areas that needed healing. I am grateful to her and will continue my work with Holly Marie. Thank you Holly! You are making our world better and are a true healer as well as a great friend.
    -Soul Shift Candace, OR
  • I partnered with Holly to assist in the smooth transition of one of my much beloved family member’s soul journey, which was that of leaving the earth realm. During this process, Holly was present, grounded and articulate. I found her insight, knowledge and skill invaluable. For me the outcome was freeing and beautiful! I highly recommend Earth Song Healings!
    -Juanita, Minnesota
  • Holly is a exceptional healer who digs deep to release all the hidden pain you didn’t even know existed through the medicine wheel. She takes the time to really invest in you and has a strong desire to help you heal from past or current situations. Holly makes you feel extremely supported as you go through what is usually a very emotional journey. The healing I have experienced has made an invaluable impact not only in my life, my families and but also in the relationships I have with others.
    -Kristina, CA
  • I took Holly’s initial Q’ero Medicine Wheel without an idea of what to expect. Holly has done an excellent job of bringing the medicine of the indigenous people of Peru to a Western audience. As a long time student of, “A Course in Miracles” and “The Way of Mastery” I have an intellectual understanding of the importance and power of forgiveness, and the absolute necessity of taking full, 100% responsibility for my experience, placing blame on no one and nothing outside myself. The Medicine Wheel provides hands on practical techniques for releasing past trauma, stuck energy, negative ancestral patterns, and clearing entity attachments. It emphasizes the fact that we are the literal creators of our reality. I highly recommend the experience of the Medicine Wheel as beneficial to everyone on the spiritual path.
    – Reverend Brenda
  • I have benefited greatly from Holly’s work. I look forward to working with her again soon in regards to ancestral healing. Holly’s work is very powerful and has helped me to transform in a faster way than I could’ve on my own. My healing has helped the healing of others in my family. Pretty amazing! Also, I always trust her to be focused, honest and completely engaged! And she’s delightful.
    – Jane F
  • All I can say is WOW! I worked with Holly Marie on some very deep and personal issues that were holding me back in my personal relationships and business. After 3 sessions, I have stepped into my creative flow, feel much more at ease and safe being visible in the world, and feel much more confident in prospering in my business.
    – Alexa M
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