Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is a ceremonial type of deep spiritual and soul healing that moves out old thought forms and energy. Shamanic healing allows the client to move into a state of altered consciousness to tap deep into the subconscious mind to release emotional trauma. This healing moves dense or heavy energy, such as fear, anger and sadness out of the body through the breath, intent and the work of the shaman. The modalities often used are inner child work, soul retrieval, chakra balancing, entity releasement, past life and age regression and connecting with your “Higher Self” or spirit guides. Shamans also use Power or Totem animals as allies to help you move through the healing process. We communicate with benevolent spirits to receive information and the power of metaphors to bring subconscious transformation. Once dense energy is purged, the shaman brings light or illumination into the energy field fortifying and strengthening the aura.

Shamanic cultures believe in three worlds, the upper world, middle world and lower world. These worlds are more widely known as the subconscious or Lower world,  the conscious or Middle world and the Upper world or collective consciousness or super conscious realms. We can access all of these realms to find information, retrieve soul pieces, meet guides and reclaim our divine essence. Many times in a session, multiple worlds are accessed to pull enough information for a complete session. Time lines are also accessed during a session with age or past life regression. A shamanic healing can actually change time lines and bring healing to the past, present and future - ancestors and our children's children.

Holly Marie uses the chakra system as a time line in the physical body (in person or remotely) to find out where emotions and memories have been stored. This method is extremely accurate for targeting the root cause issue of a problem. Many times the ego will mask a deeper trauma by blaming someone else in our current time line, (like a boss or spouse) for hurting you but as we go back in time, we discover that it’s a buried incident from long ago. Often times this is when we do inner child healing, actually bringing back that soul piece or re-writing a past life ‘contract.’ Shamanism is such a complex modality that covers so many different aspects of life and delivers profound and quantum leaps in healing. 

Common Questions about Shamanic Healing:

Soul Retrieval?

Soul Retrieval is a ceremonial process that calls back fragmented or missing soul pieces that have fled to safety during a time of trauma. Many times when someone has that ‘void’ that they can’t seem to fill inside, it’s due to a missing soul piece. People will try and fill this ‘void’ with impulse shopping, binge eating or drinking, gambling, sex addiction or any other type of behavior that is unable to actually bring peace. It is that feeling of needing more and more but never feeling satisfied. When a soul piece is missing we are incomplete and we aren’t able walk our journey in wholeness.

When a soul piece is returned, we become whole or reclaim our innocence. Often times this can be done through inner child work in this life time or we go back into a past life and find the missing soul piece that fled for safety during a time of death. Usually in both cases, we have created contracts that have an effect in our current life. If the contract was made in a past life time, it is still being played out in this life time. If the contract was made during trauma in this life time, such as a time in childhood, the karma is still being played out. The beauty of Soul Retrieval is that this stops the pattern and allows for a new destiny to occur.

Entity Extraction?

Entity Extraction is the removal of unwanted energy or spirit attachments. Often times when we have trauma, we create an entry point for an unwanted or wayward spirit to attach to us. The spirit attaches because they are experiencing the same trauma frequency we are putting out, such as guilt, shame or fear. When an entity attaches to us, it can cause symptoms of sudden mood change, habit changes, illness, exhaustion and the classic signs of ‘ things going bump in the night.’

In my experience, most entities really do want to just be fully transitioned into the light and they’re making noise to be noticed. Often when a sudden death happens or when someone dies who is on extreme amounts of medication, the entity will not fully cross over and it will attach to a ‘host’, which is a person. Usually the entity is easily and gently removed. In some cases, the entity is much more evil and can cause damage to other members living with the host and even their pets. When this happens, and the entity is fearlessly released to the light, major peace comes back into balance.

In almost every single case that I remove an entity, either child hood trauma needs to be cleared or a soul piece needs to come back. In the shamanic arts, the entity is not just ‘banished’ away so it jumps onto another host, in the shamanic arts the entity is moved fully into the light for rehabilitation.

In rare cases, since our energy has a gravitational pull, what appears to be an entity is merely someone’s own trauma.

Past Life regression?

A Past Life regression is when you are gently regressed back to a past life event. Usually there is an intention put in place before visiting a specific past life. In the shamanic arts, we not only find a Past Life, but we also allow the client to re-write the contract that is playing out negative karma in this life time, find a soul piece and retrieve a gift of divination. When we have died of trauma, we create a contract to protect ourselves from re-living the same experience, but it is usually done out of fear so the contract is actually a negative contract.

For example, many healers are afraid to step into their gift of healing because they were persecuted in a past life for healing. The client in this life will take a job that has nothing to do with healing to keep themselves safe from persecution. This is how we fall victim to fate instead of destiny. In our true destiny, one is supposed to step into their healing gifts and help others but because of the negative contract, they do the opposite.

Many people come to me who have had Past Life readings and do not feel good about what they discovered. When a Past Life healing is done by a shaman, the client can jump back on the path to destiny by re-writing the contract, finding the soul piece for wholeness and stepping into destiny with a gift of divination. This brings actually healing opposed to just gaining information. When a Past Life is healed, it creates the ability to step into new opportunities. I have seen incredible changes occur in my clients, from new jobs to relationships being healed with partners and children. It truly opens up a new realm of information and resolve along with soul healing.
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