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Discover & Explore Your True Life’s Purpose

Does your future seem hopeless? Do you sense that you have a greater life purpose? But you don’t know how to discover your true calling or how to implement your intuition? Perhaps you’re fully aware of your purpose but can’t seem to take the steps needed to reach your goals. Have you experienced a situation that created a belief keeping you from moving forward? Many times our life purpose seems so far out of reach because you feel unsupported. Or you haven’t even discovered an unfulfilled desire buried deep within your heart that could help others or create a new invention or write the next Best Seller. Unfortunately, these are common frustrations, but there are exciting solutions available to those willing to learn new, self-empowering, easy techniques.

The best way to get out of your own way and create the life you envision, is to explore your subconscious. It can be daunting to think of leaping into the unknown, but the trip is definitely worth the risk if such a journey will allow you to fulfill your life’s purpose. A change in perception or healing an old wound can unlock great creative forces that lie undiscovered. Sometimes we are held back due to generational beliefs and negative feedback from our parents, teachers, dogma or culture. Thankfully, our society is slowly breaking out of the old ways of doing things and living a less conventional life is becoming more main stream. It’s time to take charge of life and be your own guide. Let me help you unlock the mysteries of your mind so that your dreams can become reality.

Create Healthy Relationships

Do you find that repetitive, unhealthy relationships have plagued your life? Does it seem impossible to find a compatible partner? Unless otherwise directed, our subconscious often repeats the same relationship patterns exhibited by our parents. In addition to these powerful influences, we may sabotage ourselves on a subconscious level due to ingrained childhood perceptions. Sometimes we attract partners who unconsciously sustain our emotional pain because their negativity resonates with the vibration we’re accustomed to. Also, we may feel comfortable with harmful situations because we’ve been unable to move past old programming, even if it’s destructive in nature.
I’ve developed a method for piercing deep into the subconscious to uproot old patterns and wounds that we subconsciously continue to feed. By ridding ourselves of these old, damaging patterns and by mending the past, we begin to resonate to higher, more positive energy fields. This shift attracts healthy, desirable partners willing to accompany you as you pursue a rewarding journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Achieve & Maintain Your Perfect Weight

Are you constantly struggling to reach and maintain an optimal weight? Just thinking about this ongoing battle is exhausting for many people. From a sub-conscious perspective, we often become overweight to build a wall of protection. The extra weight serves as a symbolic shield that puts distance between us and the sources of our pain.
Together, we can explore why there’s extra weight to deal with, and we can determine the factors contributing to maintaining the extra weight. For example, often, when I work with clients wanting to shed weight, we uncover unresolved mother issues. Once we isolate the issues, we can address the true causes of the weight gain and begin shedding pounds.
It’s also beneficial to examine the affirmations or visualizations people use in their attempts to lose weight. We often need to change our words and adjust our thoughts, so that the Universe and the underlying principles at work in the Law of Attraction become allies, not accidental forces of opposition. You might be surprised to discover how the words you’ve been using to reduce your weight could be working against you. Let’s examine your process together and activate successful resolutions.

Aim to Live a Happy, Healthy Life Free of Drug Intervention

Isn’t it time to feel happy and experience a pain-free life? All too often, people are prescribed anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, or mind-numbing opiates to obscure mental or physical pain in lieu of being offered actual healing strategies. Traditional health professionals employ the treatments they’re taught in medical school and in training, but the connection between our minds and bodies is far more complex than a single element. Strengthening this elaborate connection requires a more holistic approach if we hope to accomplish the deep healing so many of us long for.

When we experience a negative situation or a repetitive set of challenges, our body or brain shuts down to better cope with the onslaught of pain. In some cases, we may even create and maintain pain because such an existence has become a conscious expectation. Even with these blocks and unhealthy habits, there’s a way to shift the suppressed or subconscious emotions and bring a new reality into effect.

Nothing is gained without effort, but there are stress-free ways to change harmful life-style habits into healing life-style patterns. Letting go of mental and physical pain sets you free. As someone who used to suffer from chronic pain and illness, I can attest to how wonderful the rewards are if you’re willing to put in the effort to heal past wounds. I would love the opportunity to help you move into a life free of this kind of pain.


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